Hunderican Art Brand Ambassador Program

How it works


Apply and tell us more about yourself (must be 18 years or older). After your application is approved you will be sent an acceptance email.

Sign Up

Once you receive your acceptance email, you can sign up using the ambassador portal link. A referral link and discount code (15% off) will be generated automatically for you. 


You'll be ready to share your referral link and discount code immediately after signing up! Anytime someone shops using your code, you get a 10% commission! All you need is a PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo to receive payment (there is a $10 minimum payment payout).

Download the app

Optional* Download the app and there it will show you your dashboard with all your information. There is even a section where you can download pictures of products/ads created by Hunderican Art so you can use to post on your socials!


Become a Hunderican Art Brand Ambassador if you're:

  • Social Media Savvy

  • Can help engage and spread Hunderican Art to potential customers

  • Motivated and Outgoing

  • Creative af

  • Are 18+

  • Live in the United States


  • Since this is the first Hunderican Art program, this will be based on a trial run (at the end of the trial, you will be sent a survey on how we can improve your experience next time around)

  • HA Brand Ambassadors are given 3 month periods. At the end of every period, you're given the option to renew or leave the program.

  • Having a similar aesthetic to Hunderican Art is preferred but not required.

  • Must be willing to follow all rules and requirements 

  • More rules and details will be outlined upon acceptance 

  • Please note, we hold all rights to discontinue your participation in our rep team at any point and time 

Thank you so much for your interest!

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